Beef breakdown. 

Client: Foster Farms, a west coast poultry company

Audience: rural, Conservative Americans age 25-40 living along the I-5 corridor

Strategy: ask our audience to reconsider their protein options at mealtime - not just for the sake of their own personal health, but their property as well. To Choose Chicken over beef is to kill two birds with one stone. Accepting this proposition allows your blood to flow freely and your grass to grow greenly. Also, there’s a bigger picture here: the dinner menu doesn’t just impact the farmer’s plate, but their family’s as well. By convincing our target market to break their bad beef habits today, we establish the tradition of tomorrow. Our goal is to create a tonal atmosphere of “common sense” without patronizing our audience. We want the choice to appear easy and necessary, but for our audience to be receptive, they must be assured it is their choice.



Account Management: Kiana Jardin

Strategy: Jeremy Bondy + Lucia Simon

Art Direction: Ryan Seibold + Grace Payne + Taylor Camarena

Copywriter: Ryan Seibold