What's the problem? Portland youth are facing a crisis. Due to budget cuts and financial restraints on the Portland Public School district, physical education programs have been the first to go. As PE staff are losing their jobs, students are losing valuable time to engage in physical activity. In order to foster healthy minds, our youth need to be able to develop healthy bodies.

What do we do about it? If our schools can't provide children with the physical activity critical to their development, we have confidence in brand partnerships to create a public service event that would simultaneously promote their social responsibility while also giving back to the Portland community. It starts with Nike, an active lifestyle brand headquartered in Portland, and then branches into potential corporate sponsorships with Spotify and Lyft.

What would they provide?  Nike would provide volunteers equipped with the gear to put on a week-long citywide "field day" event. Spotify would provide a playlist of music curated to the entertainment of Portland K-5 youth. A sponsored app would use Lyft's geolocation technology to track, in real time, the busses carrying the field day kits. Together, they provide an unforgettable week for the restless children in the Rose City.

What are these flyers? Flyers would be posted around the city of Portland leading up to the event around schools and in community playgrounds. The posters represent the rebellious spirit of sport + play overpowering the traditional "rules" of schooling that kids hear every day.

Strategy: Ryan Seibold + Connor Dowling

Copy + Art Direction: Ryan Seibold