Go Beyond Go Schnitz Final.ai.png

Change the perception of the hot dog.

Wienerschnitzel, the client for the 2019 National Student Advertising Competition and unsung hero of budget fast foodies everywhere, approached us with the (seemingly insurmountable) ask: change the perception of the hot dog.

After countless hours of eating hot dogs, our strategy team came to the conclusion that hot dogs celebrate any moment. We also came to the conclusion that holyfuckingsh*t we are full.

Creatively, we couldn’t find a word worthy of describing the celebratory feeling of biting into a hot dog. It was on the tip of our tongues, and boy, did it taste like pork.

To do our strategy justice, we decided to invent a new word altogether: SCHNITZ. The dictionaries weren't cutting it, so we flipped the bird to the English language and did it our way - steamed and between two buns.

From there, we cooked up a campaign that would visually bring the concept of Schnitz, and all of the celebratory emotions associated with it, to life. From flying hot dogs to sliding hot dogs to just dogs, we were hungry to win. So we did!

This campaign WON first place the District XI competition.








Plans Book


Account Management: Grace Gandolfo + Elizabeth Beymer

Media Planning: Chris Hieb, Annie McJacobs, Danielle Torrey + Zaria Parvez

Strategy: Kristen Friis, Colin Kearney, Katherine Dean, Hannah Kloft, Jeremy Bondy + Paige Price

Art Direction: Haley Koch, Maile Sur, Sophie Wood, Lindsey Epifano, Darragh White + Aodan Reddy

Copy: Olivia Howe, Teddy Popick, Annika Minges + Me

Production: Will Nielsen + Ryan Killeen